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elemental was devised by Roland Tarleton, who became a business psychologist in 1989 after completing a PhD in industrial psychology, and the instrument first appeared as the Motivational Styles Questionnaire in 1997. The research on elemental was carried out while Roland was working with several large organisations, adding the motivational element to competency-based assessment. He set up Arkadia in 1998 in order to further develop elemental, while providing consultancy services and training in psychometrics for assessment and development.

Roland is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and has appeared in the national press and on Radio 4 to discuss the importance of intrinsic motivation in role profiling and selection. In planning and writing this website and setting up the new-style report, he was assisted by Jean Goodland, Chartered FCIPD, former HR Director of Greenpeace UK, who played a key role in advising on the design and editing the script.

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