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Completing the elemental questionnaire is easy to do online and only takes about 20 minutes. The options for ordering are as follows:

Individuals can order the Summary Report for FREE or the Full Report for £10.00+vat. You may also choose to purchase a profile chart (see Sample) for £3.75+vat in order to see your actual scores and which are borderline between two divisions (e.g. high/average/low).

Employers can order the Full Report for respondents for £10.00+vat or for themselves for £25.00+vat. Please note that the £10 report is only sent to the people assessed, so they are responsible for interpretation and the way the report is used. If you require your own copy, for example for job selection purposes, you will need to order the £25 report. You may also choose to purchase the profile chart which shows borderline scores for an additional £3.75+vat.

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