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User Report Guide: More about scores and the job matching page

This section will tell you how people who score at opposite ends of the scales are described.

As with all psychometric data, the elemental profile is best interpreted in the context of other information on the individual’s ability, knowledge, and experience in order to explain how they do what they do. It converts subjective impressions into objective statements about their focus of attention and way of working.

Each of the ten dimensions has broad ranging implications which cover all jobs. The interpretation process therefore aims to reveal in what sense they are true of the individual and what they represent in relation to a particular job.

For individuals, the overall aim is to define your ideal role from a motivational point of view. Matching your scores with specific job criteria will help you to recognize situations to focus on and those you would rather avoid. You will then be in a position to evaluate the suitability of real-life options.

To learn more about the interpretation process, click here to download a printable PDF of the key points. Regular users of elemental should consider our training programme. [click here for information].

User Report Guide

1: Preferred Role (what you want to do)

2: Way of Working (how you want to do it)

3: The Job Matching page